domenica 11 settembre 2011

#MyLittlePost# N/01

#MyLittlePost# N/01

skin: Glam Affair Amelie Skin
Hair: >TRUTH< Bea (Lower)-espresso
Ribbon: Ufo Good Bye baby (gatcha)
Glasses: (TokiD) leopard Frames
Braclet: Miel ChumBraclet
T-shirt: Emery-Cropped Top Floral Bev [03]
jacket: Ricielli Courtnay jacket Wine
Pant: (TokiD) HighPant Camel
Shoes: Leverocci LaceUp Wedges
Poses:Purple Poses <3 Ty Audrey Guter

skin: BeetleBones Exotic Skins Maureen Creamstick <3 Ty Suetabulous Yootz
Hair: Angel-Amelie Umber TFG
Ribbon: Ufo Good Bye baby (gatcha)
Earring: special Oldish Earrings (OLD TDR)
Glasses: Francination lil Glasses Stripes Summer Colors YELLOW <3 Ty Frances benelli
Necklace: BND IIng Serenity Vintage Long Chain/cameo
Sweater: [ NERD.P ] Gradation Knit Orange (lucky board)
jacket: .::Y&R::. short jacket Pink (lucky board)
Skirt: GATO- Wolf Skirt <3 Ty Lalu Bonetto
Socks: (TokiD) vintage socks 7 (gatcha)
Shoes: GATO- Ice Cream Booties <3 Ty Lalu Bonetto
Poses:Purple Poses <3 Ty Audrey Guter

skin: Tb. pale Blessa CloudBusting
Hair: !lamb. Frosti - Washed Out
Glasses: duboo.summer night glasses [navy]
Bag: ::Duh!:: (A part of Spring Group Gift)
T-shirt: :pesca: dot Tshirt purple (lucky board)
jacket: Jacket denim Leo *Tea Time*
Pant: [NV] Hipster Jeans Shorts Brown <3 Ty Isiss Bade
Shoes: GATO- Flip-Socks Romantic <3 Ty Lalu Bonetto
Poses:Purple Poses <3 Ty Audrey Guter

Hi everyone! Tonight I wanted to experience a new kind of post that will be present only on my Official Blog! XD
I hope you enjoy it will be alternating with the most complete post as my previous ones but I find them cute as these little posts too often I think I will create in this way. ^ _ ^
In this post I want to thank all the designers who have always been kind to me.
Isiss Bade (owner of NV ... a really crazy out of the ordinary really! Issis you're really crazy! Lool <3 and his sweet Lady Leonard(Luna Drezenad)always beautiful! XD Suetabulous Yootz a person she very nice and helpful <3 and last Lalu Bonetto..Lalu .... you know I love you!!! ... but I recommend that ours is a secret love ... when you married me Lalu?? <3 Lool
Ok ... stop!!I joke! Whoever follows me will think I'm crazy after not having written for more than a month in my blog give vent to my madness in a single evening!! ahhuauauhuah .. Well In the next post will also reveal why the strange name of this blog .... .... RejectedBlog I am sending you a truck of kisses ... and i m going to sleep ... Bye bye Tea Xofan X_X

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